Bridge Mode Connected Ethernet Clients


Do we have any method to know the connected ethernet clients connected to my bridge router, In case of Wi-Fi we can get the iwinfo, but i not able to get for the ethernet clients.


You can see with ip neigh show all of the connected clients.

Yes but this will list the parent routers connected clients

Use grep to filter the interfaces you want to see.

No luck for me, my output is as below i did not see how to check with eth0 or wlan0
$ip -4 neigh dev br-lan lladdr b4:b6:76:7a:e7:5c ref 1 used 2134/0/2134 probes 5 REACHABLE dev br-lan lladdr 06:08:32:c2:de:e5 ref 1 used 0/0/3 probes 6 DELAY dev br-lan used 751/1019/743 probes 3 FAILED dev br-lan lladdr 14:eb:b6:c4:c4:20 ref 1 used 2248/0/2243 probes 1 REACHABLE

is connected via ethernet

Define "connected ethernet clients"... There are no "clients" in plain ethernet, perhaps you mean "DHPC clients"? perhaps you mean "ethernet peers"? ...?