Hello, I installed and running batman on openwrt 18 with gateworks.
Everything seems fine but I could'nt find a way to enable bridge_loop_avoidance on startup
if i enable it with batctl b 1 it works
I tried to add it to batman-adv file as
option 'bridge_loop_avoidance' '1'

/etc/config/network as

config interface 'mesh'
        option mtu      1532
        option proto    batadv
        option mesh     bat0
        option routing_algo 'BATMAN_V'
        option bridge_loop_avoidance '1'


config interface 'bat'
        option ifname 'bat0'
        option proto 'static'
        option mtu '1500'
        option ipaddr ''
        option netmask ''
        option multicast_mode 1
        option bridge_loop_avoidance 1

but when i check with batctl b after reboot i got disabled.

Any help would be appreciated.


It depends on the age of your batman-adv package. After February, 2019 it is configured in /etc/config/network. Prior to then it was in /etc/config/batman-adv

See further:

batctl -v
batctl openwrt-2018.1-1 [batman-adv: openwrt-2018.1-8]
so it suppose to be in batman-adv
So same thing applies..
I already have option 'bridge_loop_avoidance' '1' in my batman-adv file