Bridge 2 Modems - 1 Fiber and 1 Cable - 2 different service providers for redundancy?

In the past, I had a setup where I could bridge a couple connections on a router. To make one faster connection. Is that possible to do in OpenWRT?

I have a

  1. "FIOS"/ Fiber connection/ modem/ service (wifi & 4 lan ports)
  2. Cable Modem connection/ modem/ service (no wifi, 4 lan ports)
  3. My WRT1900ACS pinning OpenWRT 19.07.0 rc1

any direction?

Look at the mwan3 package.

Faster (“bonding”) is not very likely as returning packets come back over the interface they were sent, as you don’t “own” both ends of the links.

You can choose to establish a connection on one or the other, but a single connection can’t “share” the two links.


Yeah, BONDING. I thought I was doing that in the past. Maybe I wasn't. For some reason I thought I was.

So Nothing like that then?

What about setting it up for failover?

mwan3 can be configured for weighted balancing or failover.

Bonding can be implemented if you have a server in the internet, tunnel both connections to that server, bond them, and use the latter as gateway.