Bricking my Archer MR200 v1

Hi Today i used TFTP to flash latest OEM update on my mr200 v1 but unfortunately after ending file transfer my modern not start and i think it's bricked. when i power on modem only WIFI light get on for 1 second and after that all light is off i tried many times to flash again but its seems modem not going to recovery or reset btn not work any more. how i can unbrick my modem?

sorry for bad English.

There are some instructions here how to debrick it.

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اگه مقدور باشه فرمور این مودم رو بفرستم براتون. اگر هم فقط پاور چشمک میزنه که خبر خوبی نیست. فعلا با فرمور:
0.9.1 0.0 v004a.0 Build 170306 Rel.32727n
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