Bricked Xiaomi Miwifi 3


About few months ago i bricked router that is in title, now TTL/USB converter arrived

I connected router to PC and nothing appears in terminal, did i do something wrong or is it completely bricked now?

These you may have already checked, but:

  • Have you confirmed that it is set for 3.3 V (not 5 V)
  • Are your connections good?
  • Have you tried reversing RX/TX?
  • Have you checked the proper baud rate, stop bits, and parity?
  • Have you connected RX to TX on the adapter (disconnected from anything else) and confirmed that it is working at all?

Also I resume that you confirmed that the TTL adapter is recognized by your PC, and that you are booting the router while looking at the terminal?

I tested USB/TTL device with raspberry pi and it seems like device that i ordered from aliexpress does not work at all

Thank you for you answers!

Some of these have 3.3/5 V jumper or dip switch.

It's also possible that it's a matter of driver, especially if you are on Windows. Some of the old or copy devices use chips that have drivers for older version of Windows, so you will need to search for a driver.