Bricked tp-link RE350?

I installed LEDE successfully on a TP-LINK RE350 range extender. Played with it for a bit and then decided to go back to the stock firmware. The documentation is a little light in this regard :slight_smile: and I think I bricked the unit.

I downloaded the stock firmware and moved it onto /tmp on the RE350 then executed

sysupgrade -n -F

Before using -F I got an error message about the platform not matching IIRC.

Now the unit just blinks repeatedly at me. Bricked perhaps.

If anyone can point me in the direction of resolving it I would appreciate it greatly!

Many thanks,

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Did you ever get this solved?

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Sadly no. Still bricked

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Darn. Ive tried recovery with tftp but no luck :frowning:

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I tried to go back to a factory firmware on the RE350 using the dd stripping method, and now it's in what appears to be a boot loop, all lights on for 3 seconds, off for 1 second, repeat. Seems like it's a dead end??

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