Bricked TP-Link RE305 v3 extender

yesterday, I wanted to upgrade my tp-link extender re305 v3 to new stable release. But i didn't look carefully, and I installed not sys-upgrade version but kernel version in the luci. When it started flashing, it everything seems be alright, but when the extender reboots, it started "reboot looping". Can you please help me fix my problem?

Thank you very much.

According to the commit message, there is a TFTP recovery option. Instructions involving serial access are also included in the referenced message.

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Getting Serial connection would be best. Not sure if the reset button method described here would work. Based on recent other tplink devices, TFTP server of seems to work.

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Hello! My extender doesn't sent any tftp logs. I tried a lot of IPs -,,,, Maybe it's not working, because i am using a usb to lan adapter. I will try this on other computer...

Step one, get serial access which may mean soldering connector to the device.

Then, you run a TFTP server on your laptop which hosts a firmware image that gets delivered to the device.