Bricked tp link mr200 - no response TFTP server


I would appreciate your help.

I can't get into recovery mode at all , I have no lights on my router after trying to install OpenWrt.

I tried using tftpserver on macOS with no success .

thank you

how did you install openwrt? Did you install using the built in web firmware updater or did you use tftpboot. If you use tftpboot, high chances are you erased the bootloader and if so, there is no other way beside using external rom flasher. You can get a SOIC8 test clip socket and a ROM programmer to flash the ROM without removing it from board. I tried using minipro but it would not do it without removing the ROM chip from board, but I managed to do it with Skypro ROM flasher.
Make sure to backup the firmware from the bricked router first, with luck you may still have the last 3 partition for later use.

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