Bricked TL-WR1043ND v2.1

Hi! I bricked my router and cannot debrick. I use serial port but no luck. What is wrong? How can I solve this?
I send pic from serial output.
I cannot catch the boot procedure or boot cannot run normally?


tried hard reset ?

are you sure the tpl string you're sending isn't echoed locally by terminte ?

Hard reset doesn't work. TPL string was sent by me. You can see 3 routrer start on the picture. The boot procedure never continues. I tested it putty and termite and 2 different usb serial adaptor. I found debrick.exe software in this forum, but doesen't work. I tested it in auto and manual mode too but boot procedure is same as in picture. Boot stops at 4MB, (I think it should be 64MB) and it never goes on. If I remove serial adaptor and restart the router than router reboots countinously.
If i don't send tpl string than router is stop as in the picture .

I bricked while I flashing back to original firmware: was not aware of special (non "boot") version of tplink firmware and i used latest version from tplink server.

Hi! I have a new idea. I ordered a CH341A programmer form aliexpress. Maybe I can write the rom with it directly.
My question is what version of firmware should I use? Stock firmware form tplink website with bootloader, only openwrt bootloder (Where can I found?), openwrt squashfs-factory.bin or openwrt squashfs-sysupgrade.bin firmware.
Please help,Thanks!

I would have gotten a new router instead :wink:

It really should be considered, but I wanted to get a little more acquainted with these tools/devices. Anyway, has a Vinbond 25q64fvsig chip on it.