Bricked TL-WDR3600: how to flash OpenWrt without an access to the web panel?


I bought a second hand TL-WDR3600. It had OpenWRT 18.(something) pre-installed, a localized Russian version for some reason... I decided to upgrade it to 22.03.3 by uploading a sysupgrade .bin image. Apparently I did something wrong since now I have a bricked TL-WDR3600. Afterwards I did an attempt to do a factory reset but it wasn't successful.

Can I flash the device over UART or by programming the SPI flash directly (preferably without setting up a TFTP server). The corresponding hardware and soldering skills are present. If it can be done, could you please tell how or direct me to an instruction that describes the process?


Have you tried failsafe mode?

Please see

Most likely what went wrong had to do with the migration from target ar71xx to target ath79 when 19.07 was released. The wdr3600 was one of the affected devices. Upgrading directly from 18.06 to 22.03 was probably a bad idea for this reason. You can read more about this.

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