Bricked routers by imagebuilder (zbt-we826, zbt-we1326)


I building images for zbt-we826-32M with image builder. I use cheap industrial Chinese devices.

My recent images bricked few devices. I tried on 7 devices from different batches all got bricked. These device ended up being complete bricks. Even the recovery mode gets corrupted.

Any idea why could this happen?

Happened the same to me with the latest master (zbt-we1326).
I just reverted back to the last build that used the 4.14 kernel and flashed through recovery interface and the router came back to life.
Seems that is too soon to jump to the 5.4 kernel for ramips devices (or zbt).

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Can you point me to that build? Tag or commit hash?

Hi, I'm using this: , it's not so old and at least it works.
(Linux version 4.14.172 (clio@clio-vm) (gcc version 9.3.0 (OpenWrt GCC 9.3.0 r12712-556b8581a1)) #0 SMP Wed Mar 25 20:40:51 2020)

Turns out, the company produced my device put a wrong recovery in the 32m device. Took alot of testing to figure out.
SOLUTION: flash a 4mb image first, than use that openwrt to flash the real image. Stay away from the recovery screen.

CH341A is good tool for hard de-bricking.

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