Bricked Redmi ac2100


I managed to brick my RedMi ac2100 shortly after receiving it and was hoping someone had an idea on what to do!

I enabled SSH, enabled UART and the boot delay and then decided to install the Breed bootloader to be able to easily reflash the device if something bad was to happen.

Unfortunately, I did not run a CRC on the breed image downloaded on the router using wget and didn't realize that my internet was down so effectively wrote a blank file to the bootloader. (tiredness, not enough coffee and kids!)

When I reboot the device no lights come on and the reset button appears to have no effect.

I soldered a usb to serial connector and there is no output... i assume because there is no bootloader!

I tried using a TFTP server and static IP address on my desktop to request the firmware file, however the router never requested the file... again, as I assume there is no bootloader!

Hopefully there is another route to fix the issue short of pulling and replacing the chip...

Any help would be appreciated.... thanks.

For all practical intents and purposes, this device is dead.

You have killed the bootloader, and with that all means to interact with the device - serial console access can't help you anymore at this point. Contrary to SPI-NOR flash, which can be reflashed externally quite easily, your device comes with NAND flash, which is considerably more difficult to work with and can't be reflashed externally within reasonable efforts and costs.

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Thanks so much for your answer slh.

Bummer, but a good lesson not to touch anything when you are too tired to think straight!

At least it was only 30e, already have another one on the way and will put up with the month delivery again and will definitely be a lot more careful with the next one, running a CRC check on the breed bootloader before I flash! Must have done it 20 times on different routers before without issue!

Definitely a lesson learned before touching my Belkin ax3200 boot loader (currently my main router, running OpenWRT with its stock bootloader)!

I actually have a riff box, so could have probably JTAG'ed it if there was JTAG access, but for 30 euro, don't think it is worth the time and effort to pull off the chip (I know the riff box does support direct NAND access for specific chipsets but have not used that before).

Thanks for your help.

please help me, I just remove firewall setting from lan, after that I cannot connect to LUCI or SSH

See the options on the device page...

Have you tried the Reset button, to return openwrt settings to factory defaults?

There's also