Bricked RE650 EU V1 trying going back to Stock


I bricked the RE650 EU V1 trying going back to Stock. I just took the stock firmware which was surely the right one and uploaded it. Clicked force upgrade and now. It just Blinks like.

It's steady Blue, a short light blue blink and a real Blink where the lights are shortly going off.

i guess i forgot to rename the image to firmware.bin?

i did this before and remembered it like this. But i guess i forgot to rename the firmware. Goddamn...

How to solve that if possible?

or should i just get get some paper, put it before a Vent and put my newly nice designed LED brick on it so the poor thing will not feel useles. Yes he's retarded but still cute though.

not funny... xD



did u use tftp? cant u get to recovery page ? is there OpenWrt firmware for you device ?

I did this for succesful back to stock: [TP-Link RE650] How to get back to stock firmware? - #8 by mhaas

If you can get the image through tftp back in, you may have another shot

i don't know.
ofcourse. Openwrt was up and running. But i am to stupod to get it to work with an free public wifi hotspot. So i wanted back to stock.

do i really need linux? looks much like python, github code which i have have up and running.

can i try this via Powershell on win 11?

I compiled it in WSL (Ubuntu). You will need access to your routers shell to follow the instructions from @mhaas . I suppose tftpd may work too provided the filename is properly renamed.