Bricked Netgear EX2700 serial/parallel connection

Uploaded the squashfs-factory.bin (changed to .img) firmware via web admin as adviced in the wiki but the router doesn't respond at all now.
No ping on (on a router and direct link with manual ip set). Nothing on nmap or nmrpflash.
I tried netcat for udp... Reset btn doesn't work anymore.

Is serial/parallel connection my only resort?

An IPv6-capable "desktop" may see the router as a neighbor as one way to "find" it if it's up. Checking with tcpdump or wireshark may also reveal if it is alive at all.

I ended up in the same situation. Flashed the openwrt-18.06.2-ramips-mt7620-ex2700-squashfs-factory.bin via the web interface and now there's no DHCP response and no ping response from if I configure for my PC manually...

Did you get yours working?

Give it a shot. You might be surprised how easy it is. I bought this one , but any conpliant ftdi should ‘just work’ on a linux machine as drivers are in the kernel