Bricked my Wavlink AC1200

I probably bricked my Wavlink AC1200. I was switching it out for a different AP which uses 48v, while the AC1200 uses 24v. I switched the PoE injector and now the AC1200 doesn't light up any lights at all, even power.

I took it apart to see if there may be some type of fuse inside, but I don't see anything obvious.

If anyone has more hardware experience with this device and advice a possible way to fix it, I'm interested. Otherwise, I'll chaulk to $180 worth of lesson learned and move on.

It is likely severely damaged. It would likely require replacing the PoE circuitry in the device -- probably not worth it unless you are already well versed in troubleshooting and repairing electronics.

Yep, that's what I thought. Thanks.

Passive PoE is better avoided in favour of 802.3af/at, which should avoid accidents like that.

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Then this is not "bricked", it's "damaged"