Bricked my Fritz!Box 4040. Please need help


flashed my fritzbox 4040 successfull with a py file.

I went inside luci and tried to setup everything and it did not work like I want. Somehow I had the idea to use the backup file from my GL.INET GL-AR750 router. I uploaded the whole gz file inside the backup/restore tap for the 4040.

It's not working anymore only the power led is lightning after some time it the led flash for a few seconds.

Can I throw the router inside the trash? :frowning:

No, as long as you've just uploaded a configuration tarball and not a complete firmware for a different device, you can't hard-brick your device. should already work (you might have to look through the device page which button to use - or try them one by one).

If that fails for any reason, you can still ("always") go through the steps you used for installing OpenWrt in the first place, namely using the bootloader's ftp support. The bootloader (ADAM2) is never touched by OpenWrt, so its recovery features remain.

Thanks for the responds. I figured out how to enter failsafe and get some ping out of my router, but when I use putty for ssh port 24 it shows me:"network error: connection refused" and no progress over terminal.

I installed openwrt over a python file this seams not to work anymore

Try the default port 22

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This was it. I made a soft reset and it's fine working. Thank you guys for your help. I appreciate it.

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