Bricked Linksys WRT1200AC after Upgrading OpenWrt CC to LEDE

@DonJuane It's again apparent you refuse to refer to the WRT AC Series ToH, which spells out clearly the four steps involved in flashing. If you don't want to take the time to read, why should anyone take the time to help you?

I've been in the IT industry for over 40 years, and I find the largest problem I ever dealt with is that the majority of people with a higher skill level believe that words on a printed medium are the same as transferring the knowledge of what those words mean. The world of Linux seems to be the worst because most of the documentation that does exist is written top-down rather than the more elementary operating systems which are usually constructed in a down-top manner.

Otherwise you asked why I was having difficulty and that is what I was trying to explain that in the past the procedure worked without connecting with a serial cable or reading about dual booting systems or trying to get my brain around a new concept.

It took me 2 years of reading and experimenting before I ever got a working OpenVPN server running on OpenWRT, so maybe I am a little slower than the average guy. I won't ask for any more help, but I appreciate those who provide it otherwise. Have a great holiday season and may all your days be merry and bright!

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That's the whole point of a wki... ToH or otherwise

Since you've exhausted my patience:

  1. You posted in a thread regarding a bricked router, so you don't get to complain when you're then informed of how to unbrick your router. If your router isn't bricked, why are you posting in this thread (and 12 months after the last post to boot)?

  2. In both responses to you, I linked to how to flash firmware... how you seem to have missed this is incredulous... how to flash from OEM firmware to OpenWrt.

Best of luck to you, as I've linked to how to flash the firmware from OEM to OpenWrt in all three responses to you.

OpenWrt has a whole set of wikis under Documentation (OpenVPN wikis can be found here).

Wisely spoken.

Regarding your problem: The dual boot concept is not that complicated, just read the wiki and search forum.

Yeah, back then (TM), when 640k was enough for everyone, everything was better, easier to understand, and in general... sigh :wink: