Bricked Archer C7 V2?

There is something missing here. It should be something like

ARP Who has 192.168.x.x? Tell 192.168.y.y

y.y is the router address, and x.x is your expected computer address.

Yeah correct. That's it.

I bought a bricked Archer c7 once. Had to use serial to recover.

Serial adapters are pretty useful when working with multiple routers :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i'm gonna buy one. I wanna fix it. :slight_smile:
Any advise which one to buy?

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Wiki says PL2303 adapter; I'm still waiting for my order of PL2303TA to arrive.

PLX chips have been garbage for me. Too many bad clones. I currently use a CP2102 one. Works pretty well. Mine's a cheap clone but still works well.

I tried to ping the router. On it says connection timed out. If i try to ping it says ping destination unreachable followed by timed out. If i type arp -a i can see a ip with Don't know what this means but at this moment i think i tried everything without serial connection. My Nighthawk arrives today so i will order a cable and see what i can do with the Archer.

Ordered this one.

I just wanted to add that I came across this post after i did a very similar thing to my AC1750, had LEDE reboot and wanted to go back to factory. I followed a guide and the bin file seemed to flash but all the lights just started to flash, After a few searches I came across this post and I followed the video and the stripped firmware and I am up and running again. thanks for posting and hope you get your router sorted out too.

Good info, thanks! Did you manage to get the original TP-Link firmware version before going to LEDE at first?

What happened originally, i updated my factory firmware with the latest version, but I did not fully read/understand the firmware I was putting on would lock my router. After applying this wifi was dropping out, when i tried to downgrade I realised what I did and was basically stuck. I did some searching and found a forum that talked about using LEDE to remove the factory firmware then I could go back to whatever one I wanted to. I ran with LEDE reboot for about a week or so and it was running well, but a mate of mine convinced me to move to DD-WRT,

but it would seem it would be easier to move to DD-WRT from the factory firmware. Using the cli I uploaded firmware from the TP-Link website and it seemed to flash but at this point I could not communicate with the router again. All the lights flashing.

I have an IT bacckground but pretty new to this sort of thing, there is a lot to read, but the main reason for moving to DD-WRT is my mate uses it and if I get stuck with something.

Same for me. I read the same guide. It was late and right after i clicked i knew i screwed up reading it again. Now have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000. What a pos for the money. Only get 50 out of the 100Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signal drops 5 meters from the router. The Archer has better coverage.

yea i do like Archer, shame you had to get a new router :frowning:

The mistake with the Archer didn't cost me that much though. When i get it working again i will use it as a accespoint. First have to figure out how to get full 100/100Mbps out of this router.

Just a point worth mentionning: Unlike stock firmware LEDE doesn't support hardware NAT, so don't expect WAN <=> LAN transfers to exceed 200 mbits. However for sure you can't expect speed near that from WiFi.

EDIT: Corrected expected speed

Quick follow up: I got my PL2303TA. Detected as Prolific device and automatically installed (Windows 8.1), did test it with loopback (TX connected to RX) with Putty, everything is working fine. Ready to be used if my router becomes bricked!

I blew up the LEDE GUI. The terminal shows OpenWRT when accessed via ssh. Please point me to a How-To or URL to repair this?

Sources Already Consulted: (using Windows XP. I don't have Windows)

From the SSH command prompt, enter umount /overlay && firstboot && reboot

Failing that, try using TFTP...

Download the stock TP-Link firmware and rename it to ArcherC7v2_tp_recovery.bin

Find a TFTP server for your computer's OS.

What you mean blew up?? Did you flash a recent version or you used a stable version? Recent versions are rebranded OpenWRT already , which means it’s normal :smile:

Not sure what you want; going back to stock or just a factory of Lede/OpenWRT? Since you can still access via ssh, to do a factory reset of sorts, execute the firstboot command via ssh.
Alternatively reinstall Luci: opkg update, then opkg install luci


i just managed to brick my Archer C7 V2 and I'm trying to resurrect it. I managed with Tftp server to transfer the stripped image from FriedZombie but after the transfer is completed the router just restarts and nothing is happening. Is just in an endless restart loop. I tried with the original firmware from their website and the same thing happens. Is my router trash or i can save it ? :slight_smile:


I'd try to use the OpenWrt factory image, renamed to the expected file name, for the recovery. Yank up the logging on your tftpd, to confirm which file is requested and if it's transmitted in full (additionally a packet sniffer, e.g. wireshark, might also help).

If this doesn't work, your only option would be to see what actually happens on the device - e.g. by using a serial console (which only helps if the bootloader hasn't been damaged in the process; ART needs to be undamaged as well, if you want to keep using your wireless).

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