Bricked Archer C50 V4Router After installing openwrt firmware

i have tired to installed the openwrt frimware to archer c50 v4 router using tftp method but router became dead while uploading the firmware i could not even see the logs on uart console ?i have tired to install using this link i have been connecting my serial board rx tx grd with board portbut nothing coming on terminal is there a possibility i have erased the bootloader ? is there any way to flash the device without seeing any logs i have checked the hardware everything seems to be alright
thanks and regards
manikandan v

can anyone helpme with this?

What specific image did you flash? Did you follow the instructions including the dd operations?

yes i have did everything according to the document?
thanks and regards
manikandan v

Well, as I can see, preparing openwrt image for this router (with boot partition) is very delicate matter, one mistake will render the router useless. If you followed the instructions correctly, it should've worked. But it happens.

Since we're dealing with rewriting uboot along with openwrt system upgrade image, the risk of bricking it increases.

Anyway, If you're unable to access serial interface then uboot is probably damaged or not written correctly or it wasn't extracted from official firmware file properly, it could be anything.

If nothing else works then only option left is to flash it with programmer.