Bricked Archer C2

Good Morning. I have a TP-Link Archer C2 v1.1. I decided to test OpenWRT and did the installation using the TFTPD64 program. Everything went well but I didn't like the performance of OpenWRT on this device, very unstable. I think the model in question is not good enough to run OpenWRT satisfactorily.

Well, I decided to go back to stock firmware but I made a mistake. I didn't see that I couldn't use the ROM stock without first modifying it. I ran the upgrade via TFTPD64 again and apparently the ROM was installed but the router does not boot anymore, it just keeps the power led on and does not assign an IP address to the computer. The device is bricked. Is there any way to restore the device?

ps: always read the manuals and tutorials, guys.

Good Morning. If I create the recovery image as described here and follow instructions similar to the one available in this video, will I be able to revive my router? I didn't find the firmware with two files for Archer C2 so I thought about creating the file with boot sector and trying to force the installation by tftpd32. I didn't quite understand how to create a healthy image since I don't know what happened to the boot sector of the router. Can you help me? My question is about the commands, which ones should I use in the putty terminal?