Bricked 7360 v2


first post here, I got left with one FritzBox 7360 v2 and was looking to make it more exciting. OpenWRT came to mind, checked if it was supported and there it was - supported.

After few things, I managed to follow the instructions on the WiKi here but to no avail.

Managed to get to file transfer and than it broke with 425 error (I think) during transfer of the image.

It was still replying on and I could FTP to it.
Than found one post where it was stated to verify the ENV with quote GETENV linux_fs_start and there was no ENV set (message.

Set it to 0, reboot, same thing as before, FTP available.
I figured there is nothing to lose so I went with the recommendation from following blog:

" July 24, 2019

Fritz!Box Unbrick


If there is no recover.exe available for your FritzBox, you can try to boot from the alternative partition set.

Step 1 :

Open a Command Line (as Administrator/Root) and type :


Connect the FritzBox with your PCs LAN Port. Now connect the FB with the power supply and as the LEDs of the FB blink red immediately press Enter. Now you should be asked to type name and password. Use adam2 for both.

If not, you maybe missed the right point in time. If so, try again a few times or try to start pinging the FB while plugging in so the FB is being hold in the Bootloader. Now you should be able to connect using the ftp command.

Step 2 :

Find out which partition set you are using right now.

quote GETENV linux_fs_start

Step 3 :

Depending on the Output of the previous command type (using the opposite partition set)

quote SETENV linux_fs_start 0
quote SETENV linux_fs_start 1"

On variable 0 same thing, FTP available, nothing else. Set to 1, now only green light is on and nothing happens afterwards. Only 2 Gigabit ports are active, other two are not responding and are not in "up" (no light of switch shown when connected).

Is there something I can do now? There is no visible communication form it (used Wireshark) at all on the network.

Thank you, you knowledgeable collective!

So, managed to restore it.

First, get recovery tool from avm. Run it. Router "magically" is awaken (wasn't running Wireshark at the time so can't share the protocol, probably tftp if not something worse.
Tool was complaining it is in "provider" mode and I should contact provider.

Almost gave up but found a note on
saying "quote UNSETENV provider" and reboot by bigmalloy.

While i was at it, I've also reverted byck SETENV back to 0 so I do not need to use the tool to wake the router every time before FTP is enabled (another "magic").

So, finally, the recovery tool was running but it hang. Conseqently, after 20 minutes, I've reboot the Router and was presented with red flash again. Restore tool now said "incompatible memory allocation.

Took a chance and downloaded German version of the same tool, it worked like a charm and the router was restored.

I've learned quite a bit in this one, now let's see if I can (finally!) install OpenWRT!

Had to reflash again. I am mission something. What am I missing?

7360 v2 snapshot

Install OpenWrt (generic explanation)

  1. Set your client IP to

  2. Power on your your Fritzbox and connect to via ftp in the first 5 seconds.

  3. login with adam2/adam2

  4. type into the ftp prompt:

passive ("says not implemented, trid with "Quote PASV" and it was set correctly

debug 1
quote MEDIA FLSH // (not FLASH)
put openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-avm_fritz7360-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin mtd1 // using the correct location for the squashfs-sysupgrade-firmware.bin
(NOTE:On windows 10 it is in c:\users\USERNAME folder (it seems)
Responce: "Not implemented and goes on to transfer only to fail with

425 error "can not open connection"

  1. wait till red light flashing turns off.
    (of course, it doesn't happen as it failed)
  2. type: exit

RED LIGHT indeed does show up after reboot, just so the reflash from tool has to be initiated again.

Is it possible to install OpenWRT to that darn thing? What am I msissing (again that question!) .

Please help if you can, grateful!