Breakdown to wifi services - yuncore ap90q

Yes @trendy correct

config wifi-device  radio0
	option type 'mac80211'
	option hwmode '11g'
	option path '10180000.wmac'
	option txpower '20'
	option channel '1'

config wifi-iface
	option device   radio0
	option network  lan
	option mode     ap
	option ssid     cyberzone
	option encryption none
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@lleachii now ?

  • I'm not the poster that originally asked you for the wireless config, ask @trendy
  • Also, you have yet to answer all of my questions:

Since that's what I asked, I'll need to wait until you're able to obtain the answer.

Just so you know, I'm also waiting on:

  • the SNR
  • if they're able to ping the router
  • What you meant by 'ICMP is disabled'
  • If they can check for SSH when WiFi messes up
  • Are you in a rural or dense area

its not a concern as all clients 15 cannot be affected by snr at a single timeframe , and rebooting isnt improving SNR . so i m not going to post that
same is for the

rural or dense area

you can see my reply , rebooting make things work , if it was rural or dense , it should remain after reboot too

means right now i cant ping , i need to pass icmp traffic for that , will provide you

Are you now revealing that all your clients are impacted at the same moment in time?

Failure to completely describe your infrastructure and what is being observed is making it very difficult diagnose.

I am beginning to suspect the problem is with your infrastructure, especially as you have indicated that you have developed and/or implemented central management

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That's not necessarily correct. Also, the second part of your statement is simply irrelevant and unrelated, as noise comes from the environment, not the devices.

Incorrect, we're trying to determine possible ambient noise in your environment.

This is why it's very difficult to assist you.

Thank you for the clarity, I originally thought this meant you blocked ping. So you would agree that the devices are unable to reach the router?

  • Also, did you enable KRACK countermeasures?
  • Do you have"Disassociate On Low Acknowledgement" enabled?

yes . what do yoi mean by revealing dude

dude what are you saying ? unable to reach ? haha
they are associated to access points dude

I'm really not sure if we're having a language barrier, of if you're trolling the thread.

I'm saying that since you already had users attempt to ping the router, then testing SSH is unnecessary, and we can determine now with certainty - that there is a loss of connection to the router.

So that really isn't funny. You finally provided some relevant information to us!


Now, can you please provide the information on the SNR and if you're in a rural or dense environment?

leave it , let someone else handle this

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You omitted that all clients are impacted at the same time. You have likely omitted that all of these devices are centrally managed.

I would look into the problems with your infrastructure, as that is an obvious common element to problems that simultaneously impact all of your clients.

Edit: OP's custom management infrastructure is likely the cause, as from the linked thread:

  • Includes "optimizing radio resource allocation"
  • Is likely running on 4 MB devices, which are likely resource starved

There are some other "interesting tidbits" in that thread that the reader should examine before trying to assist the OP.


great . you have beaten machine learning

never mentioned this , its your assumptions

again assumption , i told you the model too dude its yuncore ap90q . -- 64 MB

64 MB may still have issues with stability, depending on your hardware and use cases

As what I believe to be the likely cause (your custom management infrastructure) has already been posted, it is not worth further time to respond to someone who spends more time hiding facts than they do on providing them.

i appretiate your help @jeff

you guys always mis interpret me and my questons .I just wanted your expertise on the issue i faced , did all my home work so thta your time get utilised in correct direction

this was my conversation with @trendy was going well , shit happens by posts below that posts

last tme also thread for https gone wrong like this ( outcome was top admins interfere and accepted what i was saying )
you guys have some issues , as read the post from starting all necessary information i had is provided

If you honestly believe that, someone should be able to read and help you. This thread is public and in writing; nobody is preventing others from reading it.

When you post the logs, then you will have fulfilled your end of the promice. Also, there are over 5 questions you failed to answer - needed to assist you. Two, you explicitly stated you refused to answer.

The same person which conversation you say was going well, asked you for a config, it took you mutiple posts to even answer him.

It's sad you honestly believe that you provided enough information, when 3 people asked you for more details, and you refuse. Quite like your other threads. No need to cry, just provide the information people ask of you that's needed to assist in solving your problem.

  • I realized that I was off when you stated 15 devices loose connection at one time.
  • I was shocked when you insulted Jeff instead of answering him, stating he was smarter than a computer
  • I was also taken aback when you failed to understand that if you cannot ping the router via layer 3, why you laughed, and still was stuck on trying to SSH

Since you chose to stop responding, I had no clue you'd subsquetly pretend I or Jeff didn't anything to you.

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i replied to this with a laugh , what is unreachabilty ?

Correct, and I wore it in response to this:

If there's a layer 3 loss already, no need to keep testing that.

and plz now let @jeff help me . dont make an issue