Brazil: Cheap 128MB router?

Can somebody recommend a low cost router, with 8MB flash, 128MB RAM, which can be bought in Brazil ?

What is your definition of "cheap" or "low cost"?
Please provide an upper limit to what you are willing to spend.

Any other restrictions / requirements (speed, Wifi, USB, ...)?
What is your usecase?

I need 128MB RAM, 8MB flash, 2.4g, 5g is a plus, 1 WAN, 1 LAN.
And to spend as low as possible for officially supported device, i.e. about 50$. Lower is better.
Xiaomi MIR3 would be great, but not supported. ZBT826 would be good, too, but not to buy in BR.
Usecase is custom hotspot, with some additional special packages.

Alternative is 64MB RAM + SD-card, to be used for swap.

Only the C7 falls into that category, but what you're asking for can barely be found in China...

FYI: ZBT826 is about $20 free of factory in China.

Sure, good luck

$33 baseboard + case

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...and shipping and import tax

shipping is free, can't comment on import tax