Brand "VTech" missing from the list on "Create new device" page

Hi! As of today, there seem to be 3 devices manufactured (or just branded?) by VTech that are documented in OpenWRT wiki. However, VTech seems to be missing from the list of brands on "Create new device" page. Is there any problem somewhere? If not, can this manufacturer just be added to the brands list? I would like to document another "VTech"-branded device.


Will this be yet another unsupported device from VTech?
Just asking because the 3 VTech devices already present in the wiki are still unsupported since 2014 / 2015 / 2017 and the devicepages do contain barely more than basic hardware information and no sign of anybody attempting to add support for those devices.

If you just want to document hardware specs, maybe is a better place for that?

Well, yes, that's an unsupported device, and I planned to document the HW specs, add detailed board images, hopefully boot log and similar stuff that can be obtained from the board's UART, and in general capture as much info as I can. The device is distributed by an ISP in my country, so I think there is fairly large amount of devices out there – worth documenting them.

If it would be better to do it under’s wiki, I'll do it there, no problem.

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That would be a good step since it makes the hardware information available independantly of OpenWrt.

If you want to go one step further and actively work on getting this device supported by OpenWrt (if possible and if interesting SOC, RAM MB, flash MB), feel free to open a new topic like "Adding OpenWrt support for vtech xyz" in For Developers, linking to the hardware specs on

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