BracketQos - Rust, EBPF, XDP, & cake, oh my!

@Zoxc There is a lot of "we shipped openwrt 22.03.0, now what?", sort of speculation going on.

In my case I'm very frustrated that vendors like mikrotik have only just added cake, and are 6-7 years behind openwrt in many respects. They make good hardware, but....

One of the biggest problems linux has had in the last few years is that it bottlenecks on reads, not writes. Some bleeding edge stuff like vpp and dpdk appeared that could use 1/16th the cores to blast more packets... but lack any method at all at doing good queue control. XDP and ebpf are responses to that while still retaining good egress characteristics.

"Something power efficient for a tower" & well queued & encrypted backhaul would be great! I am allergic to python, but rust seems fast and performant and easier to make run on openwrt/routerOS/vyatta/linux/etc

PS if you (or anyone) can figure out a way to poll tcp_info in rust in crusader, it would be GREAT. For those here that haven't played with it yet, it's here: