Br-lan to eth0 packets


We have configured the eth0 in bridge mode and we are able to see br-lan interface in ifconfig.
When i try to assign static IPV6 address in eth0(without bridge configuration), am able to ping to the gateway or any PC connected to the network. But when i configure the eth0 as bridge and assign static IPV6 address to the br-lan interface and try to ping to the gateway address there is no response and when i capture the pcakets in eth0 interface when in bridge mode am not able to see any packets from the br-lan going. But am able to see packets in br-lan interface which is not reaching the eth0 interface. Please let us know what could be the issue for this behavior.

Duplicate: DHCP request not received at br-lan

  • Your configs don't show this
  • Usually you would bridge a VLAN, not the PHY

(You also didn't mention here that you're running a proprietary version of Chaos Calmer on a unsupported board - whose OEM requires you to keep its details in confidence. Making a second post doesn't change the issue with support for an old version with an unsupported board.)