BR-LAN (bridge) interface shows almost no traffic

Hi Everyone,
Newbie here!
Since recently my real-time traffic data (including native Luci real-time charts, luci-app-statistics, Netdata, Bandwidthd, etc) started to show very low traffic (just a few kbits/s) on the BR-LAN (bridged) interface.
Bridged ports eth1 and eth2 do show expected traffic and bandwidth flowing (~5-10 megabit/s depending on the use, obviously).

All is working properly, except I don't see expected bandwidth flowing through the BR-LAN interface anymore.

I have no idea what I did, but definetly it was not the way it was working since forever as I follow-up traffic and bandwidth using the tools mentioned above.

Any ideas what/where/how I could understand what changed and how to revert it back to "normal" ?

I am on a Nano PI R5S and all my other routers with Openwrt do show expected bandwidth flowing trough the bridge (br-lan) interface.

Running OpenWrt 22.03.2.

Thank you!!

All went back to what I was used to when I disabled "Software flow offloading" in the Firewall settings :+1:

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