BPI-R3 no boot

I bought a Banana BPI-R3 and I certainly made some operating errors and I can no longer start correctly.
Is there a solution to restore it like when unpacking via the USB port for example?
Here are some screenshots of the start-ups in the different modes.

Thanks for your help because I'm really stuck.
I sent an email to the manufacturer and he never responded.

why would they, your device doesn't seem to be broken ...

seems uboot is a valid install option.

Unfortunately UBoot is not accessible on any modes of the boot (SPIM-NoR, SPIM-Nand, eMMC or SD-card) not work.
So I'm looking to restore one of these modes.

Sorry for my broken English, I use a translator.

It looks like you installed a recent snapshot without first properly updating the bootloader. You now need to go through the process of installing the OpenWRT image from an sd card, as you probably did when you first received the device.

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