BPI-R2 Running OpenWRT With DSI Screen

I am looking at getting a BPI-R2 to run OpenWRT, if i was to fit a screen to it using the standard DSI port, can the screen be made to display things like Speed in/out, speed used by each port etc etc? or is there nothing like this for the BPI-R2 ?

Many Thanks

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@Klinkers, welcome to the community!

Does the display already work when plugged in?

If so, running the commands to relevant command/packages that can be installed should work.

swconfig dev switch0 show | grep 'Byte' -B 2

I assume that any displays of speed are simply calculated from the total's difference - divided by time. That could be scripted and outputted to display too.

Also see: Howto watch Realtime Graphs Traffic on CLI?