BPI-R2 is good for OpenWrt 19?

I would like to know if openwrt 19.07 if running ine or not in bpi-r2?
If not, which other board do you recommend?

I'm looking for 5x Gigabit LAN (including Wan), wifi option and 'high performance' processor for OpenWRT, so I can keep this for a while.
I'm not using as NAS, but simple wfi and LAN router for my house (WAN: 300Mb).

About AC wifi, I'm planing to add miniPCIe card later.....so my question is: today, can I use all the hardware of this board with current release of OpenWRT?

It is supported. https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07.1/targets/mediatek/mt7623/
But I think x86 boards with multiple network card maybe better if you need a powerful CPU.

it's complicated... the short answer is unless you are an very advanced user then best to avoid or not use openwrt on this device for now...

community effort is not lacking

I'm waiting for answers on #1135 (comment) and #1135 (review) . For #1135 (review) I want to try using upstream .dts again and determine what's wrong but that's a lot of work so first I'd like some general comments on this PR.

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In this case, x86 has two problems (for me, at least):

  1. Power consumption
  2. Space.

My goal is to have a device like an wifi router: fan-less, small and 'powerfull'. The problem is that most of mid-high end wireless router with more than one core and decent spec's are very, veryyyyy expensive here in Brasil. That's why I'm looking for alternative that are power enought (to keep for some years) and I can buy from Aliexpress.
My target price-range is $150 max.

Tks wulfy23! Do you have any board to recomend? (that I can buy from Aliexpress)

That's simply not true. Well selected x86_64 hardware (not your hand-me-down ex-gaming desktop) can idle at under 10 watts (my baytrail-d systems idles at 6 watts at the wall); yes, under full load it might get up to 30 watts, but only briefly (which is insignificant for the overall power bill).
Modern wireless routers easily use ~20 watts constantly.