Bpi R1 wifi module replacement with RT3290 mini pcie

There has been a solution to use the RT5572 module USB 2.0 Wifi speed halved? (Lamobo r1 and RT5572 module) instead the original one.
My question is now that I have a spare mini pcie RT3290 card from a laptop, can be this used also?
I also found https://hackaday.com/tag/mini-pcie/ how to connect mini pcie card to USB.
The RT3290 card has the necessary D+ D- pins on the card. The question is will the card connected to USB instead of rtl819cu work?

So I did a trial with soldering the pins to mini pcie and connectig them to usb of a pc. The lsusb and dmesg did not show any sign of presence of wireless usb card.

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