Bounty for proper support of the Technicolor DGA4132 (TIM Hub)

In the XDA forums, bounties for specific goals have a long tradition. I'll give it a try here:

The TIM Hub Technicolor DGA4132 is a very nice device based on the BCM63138 SoC with a beefy CPU, impressive WiFi and a very good VDSL modem that even supports Vectoring and the 35b profile (this combination is called Supervectoring in Germany). It comes with a modified Chaos Calmer preinstalled, up to the firmware version 1.10 (the newest one that was observed preinstalled) a Downgrade and then Root exploit publicly exists.

I for my part pledge 50€ to the first person to achieve unmodified OpenWRT of the newest version working with all features except for the telephone jacks, that I don't need.

I am the administrator of a German Telegram group about this router with currently 79 members. For convenience I list and keep track of pledges of other members:
4 * 25€
1 * 50€

Current total: 200€

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This will never be accomplished as the bootloader verify signature of the firmware
A modified bootloader is needed

Ignoring the additional hurdles implemented by the vendor, xDSL and (decent) wlan drivers don't exist either (and chances for that to change are close to zero).