Bought TP-Link RE450v2, should i exchange for a v1

Hello folks, brand new OpenWRT user here!
Successfully running on Netgear R7800 and wanted to add a simple AP and a TP-Link RE450 seemed sensible.
I ended up with a v2, and it looks like it has only snapshot support.
So, i have basically 3 options:

  1. Take a chance with a snapshot build
  2. Wait for official support
  3. Take it back to the store and see if it can be exchanged for a v1 unit. (I do think i saw some on the shelf)


"Release" support is, in my opinion, overrated. 19.07 should be out sometime in the next couple of months as well. Unless there is a significant hardware advantage to the v1, I'd stick with the v2.

Something of a "push" to me, 64 MB RAM will be a problem in a couple years, but the v2 has a slightly faster processor. Personally, I prefer devices with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM.


Cool, thanks!
I figured for $59 it was a good deal. (still think it is, once the software version is figured out)

Question about the snapshot builds. In the snapshot tree
i can see an image for re450-v1 but not v2.
Which image is suitable? the v1 ?

Look at instead, ar71xx is deprecated.


Thanks! Awesome!
I will totally try that build

yes, exchange it for v1 if you can

So, I did go exchange it for a v1 unit.
I installed 18.06.4 and that worked well.
Wired to my hub, gave the GigE a useful IP.
I brought up the 5GHz interface on a channel (120 i think) and set 40MHz
Gave it the same SSID and WPA settings as my R7800.
My iPhone seemeed to switch just fine between the RE450 and R7800 when I disabled various radios, but my laptop on Windows7 had all kinds of problems. I was never able to get that guy talking to the RE450/5GHz while the R7800/5GHz was down.

The RE450 wasn't able to do a radio0/5GHz scan when set to channel 120. is channel 120 problematic in general (I'm in the US)

I'll keep testing with my various Rokus and such.

"Wasn't able to do" or "rejected operation on channel 120"?

Looking at the logs in LuCI or with logread should be able to differentiate between the two.

Looks like 120 is a bad combo with 40MHz width. 118 or 126 looks better
The scan just never completed and never produced a matrix of neighbor stations as the 2.4GHz scan did.
I haven't looked at the logs for it, i will when i get back home

hostap is pretty picky about things when it comes to channel width and "base" channel.

Based on that and (without looking at the hostap sources), I'd guess that "116" would be the 40-MHz channel that utilizes the 120 slot.

I'm getting confused by the channel pairing from various sources: says 40MHz centered on 118 says the same thing

Are they using the central (=118) or lower (=116) for the 40MHz channel that uses 116,118,120?

The hostap sources are what determine what the "base" channel needs to be.

int allowed_ht40_channel_pair(struct hostapd_hw_modes *mode, int pri_chan,
			      int sec_chan)
	int ok, first;
	int allowed[] = { 36, 44, 52, 60, 100, 108, 116, 124, 132, 140,
			  149, 157, 165, 184, 192 };

Awesome! Thanks! I think I have it figured out. I will make base channel 108 to use the non-overlapping 40MHz channel covering 108,110,112.
It seems the 120 is close to radar block so i will try 108.

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