Both wifi radios as client to a public hotspot AP?

I'm setting up net at a house of one of my coworkers who is living extremely close to a hotspot.
hotspots are dual band APs (ac 5ghz + an 2.4ghz).
point is - i want to connect to a nearby AP with an openwrt router and to use both radios as client, so the openwrt router will be connected both to 2.4ghz and to 5ghz network (both have the same SSID, and they're bridged together on the AP).

does this make any sense? or to connect just to the 5ghz network?
AP device is 2x2 mimo, client device will be a mikrotik hap ac lite with openwrt. that is 2x2 on 2.4ghz but only 1x1 on 5ghz.
dsl access on that location is ~2mbit right now.

It does make sense, but it also creates a loop, crashing the net, if you don't keep the two nets separated in your device....

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If there's any LOS obstruction between your coworker's router and the hotspot, I'd advise you configure your coworker's router's 2.4GHz radio to be STA (station/client) rather than the 5GHz one.

2.4ghz tend to be very crowded so speed will be a disaster.
5ghz is way faster and less devices connect to it.
distance is about 20m.

as for the loop, there's client isolation on the AP. so there shouldn't be any loop if both 2 and 5 ghz connect to the AP?

the clients aren't the issue, it's on the router end.

if you don't make both radios members of br-lan, it'll probably work.

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