Both routers reverted to factory state

I had an interesting phenomenon this week. I left home, and when I returned a couple hours later, I see no SSIDs, all devices disconnected. Turns out both my routers reverted to factory state (both
running OpenWRT) on their own.

My question is: what might have been the reason, if we do not consider hacking a plausible explanation?

Network topology:
My modem is connected through an optical network to the ISP. The modem is connected by a short Eth cable to the wan of my Archer C7. One of the LAN on the C7 is connected to the WAN of the TP wr1043ND. Another LAN is connected to a switch (~6 meters). The switch has ~6 more meters of Eth connected in another port, the other end of that cable is not connected to anything at the moment.

Power / surges:
They are both fed through a relatively expensive APC surge protector. The ethernet cables could theoretically be prone to inductive loops, they are not surge protected, but there were no storms, lightnings whatsoever for days now.

What image did you have installed on the routers?

Could it possibly be that you flashed RAM images, and then when you are out there we blackout?

It's way too test anyway, just restart the routers and see if they will lose the settings again.

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I flashed both from factory firmware, so openwrt, latest available through http interface.
I've been using this setup for months without similar issues - the settings are obviously persistent.

That occurred to me twice recently on a Meraki MX60W.

I observed 3 things:

  1. Using a voltmeter, I noticed the 12 Volt power supply was running "hot" (16 Volts) - so I replaced it
  1. I noticed that I was using a "Temporary Power Tap" - not a "Surge Protector" or "Power Conditioner" - I also replaced this
  • Ensure you don't have things like: a laser printer, AC motors/compressors, copier or CRT monitor/TV on a surge-protected strip!!!
  1. Does the power supply have a ferrite bead on it (I realized my old power supply did not)?
  • I assume Grounding/Earthing isn't a question...
  • There shouldn't be any power getting to on the Ethernet cables, or should be connected to things that are otherwise grounded - I doubt this would fix...but one could consider shielded cabling with ground wire attached...but this is usually to prevent RF