Both repeater and AP function on my Netgear R6220

Dear friends,
I am a newby to this forum. I successfully installed openwrt on a Netgear R6220 and had no problem getting it to work as an AP. The plan is to use the NetGear with two functions:

  1. repeater to serve the dead areas in my garden (existing SSID)
  2. wireless AP with its own SSID

I managed to get the repeater working (with a client WDS, see, and I also see a second SSID with which I can connect, only... the second SSID does not deliver the data to my gateway (i.e. no internet connection). My questions:

  1. is it possible to combine those two functions, and if so, how should I configure the connection?
  2. DHCP is disabled for the repeater, but can you do DHCP on the second SSID?

To avoid unnecessary clutter I will post the config files upon request.

kind regards --Edgar Hildering

Existing SSID should be OpenWRT to extend coverage over air like mesh or wds. Or you need to wire OpenWRT as Dumb AP in other case.