Bootloader flash

hi my device is wr840n v5 i bricked it while flashing oem firmware now my router is bricked can any one make a bootloader for my router gpl code of my router is

Do you have a flash programmer? Without a boot loader, there most likely is no way to "upload" a new boot loader to a bricked device.

no i dont have any flash programer i bricked my router wr840n 4mb mamory and i back flashed oem firmwere from open wrt via tftp but it didnt work its just blinking

Determining if you've got a functional boot loader would be my first recommendation. If you can't tell over the network (ARP or TFTP request, for example), then connecting up serial would be the next step.

i am noob i dont know how to serial

Having apparently bricked a device is a powerful incentive to learn how.

Make sure you buy an adapter that provides 3.3 V logic levels. "TTL" (5 V) or "RS232" (+/- 15 V or more) will likely fry your router.

A USB2serial adaptor costs around 5 EUR/ USD locally (~1.50 USD/ EUR, if you order directly from china and can wait 6 weeks)[1], the current value for a new tl-wr840n/ tl-wr841n would be 13.90 EUR… Tight margin of economical viability, on top of the general issue of 4/32 - you might take it as a sign to get a better supported device instead.

[1] if you really broke the bootloader, the serial console won't help - and you end up with another 5 EUR for a ch341a and yet another 5 EUR for a SOIC8 clamp, plus soldering iron (~10 EUR) and small stuff (soldering tin, suction pump, solder wick, flux, … probably +15 EUR). If your attempts overwrite ART, it's game over (as that would have killed the wlan card completely).

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but it always blinking and when i use were shark to sniff it shows router sarching for
tftp tp_recovery.bin
i can still flash via tftp but after flash it stays same blinking
can u gyes give me a firmwere that can un brick my router

The OEM official firmware would be a good place to start

Hi fofiuu
I have the same problem
I uploaded original frimware via TFTP and was succesfull but my router is still blinking the green light and also lan card seems not connected to router when I push the reset button for 8 sec it's trying to get ip after that it's unplugged again

Have you fixed your router?