Booting Kirkwood NASes directly from disk (was:Synology DS211j boot support)

Just something to steer the pot. Barebox has support for some kirkwood boards and has very neat feature compared to U-Boot, it can be chainloaded. Pack it to uImage (if that's what Synology wants to boot) and put it in place of the kernel. Could be easily adjusted to boot from all the mediums You want and will leave the original bootloader intact. Don't know how many drivers are in Barebox for kirkwood, since I only tried imx27 and ar9331, but should be worth to consider as an option.

Makes sense - do you know of some existing Barebox recipe for OpenWrt or Buildroot? OTOH I've seen chainloaded U-boot somewhere, so maybe it'll be enough.

I don't know any recipe for OpenWrt, buildroot has it under "Bootloaders" option.
Regarding U-Boot chainload, I'm not aware of any option which would enable that (Caraboot has it, but that's only for MIPS). Last time I searched for that, it was said that's not supported or You'll need to hack around. Anyway if You accomplish it, the bootcmd would definitely need an adjustment, while with barebox none of that would be needed, so that's at least, one step less in installation instruction.

IMO generic should stay. If You think about SD, SATA, etc.. Maybe 'non-mtd'?