Boot USB drive with Grub


I recently install OpenWrt (ext4 image) in my old computer (Compaq presario) using my USB drive (Finnix). I am trying to resize by root partition (I can't do it while the drive is mounted). So I tried to boot the USB drive using the OpenWrt Grub but It does not recognize the filesystem. As an alternative solution, I downloaded the Plop utility and added a new Grub boot entry:

linux16 /boot/plpbt.bin

Unfortunately, this did not work because Grub did not find the linux16 command.

Can you please help me solve my issue ?
Any comment or suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have downloaded the OpenWrt image, unzipped it and written it to your Compaq HD and are able to boot into OpenWrt from the Compaq.

opkg update opkg install parted losetup resize2fs

wget -U "" -O "" . ./

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^^^ isn't openwrt related thought ...

do what @RuralRoots suggests, or boot openwrt off a flash drive, and resize the partitions located on the HD from there.