Boot stops at VR9 prompt

Model BT Home Hub 5A
Architecture xRX200 rev 1.2
Target Platform lantiq/xrx200
Firmware Version OpenWrt 23.05.2 r23630-842932a63d / LuCI openwrt-23.05 branch git-23.306.39416-c86c256
Kernel Version 5.15.137

This system has been working happily for some months but now, after a power outage (which is quite often in my part of the world) the boot process always stops at the VR9 prompt. If I then enter the reset command, the system continues to boot through to the root@OpenWrt:/# prompt. Everything then works fine until the next power cycle. The help text for the reset command is:

reset - Perform RESET of the CPU

If this is a valid description of what reset does then I cannot believe that this is the same problem as that described in the HH5A installation guide as:

7.2 OpenWrt/LEDE fails to start and halts at VR9 prompt
To resolve the problem. At the BT bootloader VR9# prompt, enter these two commands:
setenv bootcmd ubi part UBI; ubi read $(loadaddr) kernel; bootm $(loadaddr)
Finally power cycle the HH5A and hopefully LEDE will now start up.

For this reason, I have not attempted to fix the problem by using this recipe as I do not want to make things any worse! At least at the moment I have a working system, albeit needing manual intervention with a serial console from time to time...

Can anybody tell me whether or not this is in fact the same problem as described in the installation guide Section 7.2, and might therefore be fixed by following the recipe, or what I need to do otherwise? On the face of it, it appears that all that is required is some kind of rc file for the VR9 system in which to put the "reset" command, and that will fix it, but I have no idea if that can actually be impemented!

Thanks for reading.