Boot loop Archer c7 v2

Hello everyone,
needing your help.

an Archer C7 v2 entered a boot loop following upgrade.
I have a serial access to it, I am unable to halt the boot process before it loop.

To start the TFTP recovery process on the router, press and hold the WPS/Reset Button and then power up the router. Keep the WPS/Reset button pressed until the WPS LED turns on (it's the LED with two arrows pointing in different directions).

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As frollic mentioned, always try the milder options first.

But in general, TP-Link 'password' protects u-boot, so your need to enter tpl right at the correct time during which u-boot is waiting for it (enter it continuously).

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thank you both,

was able to stop loop with tpl.

have been able to recover with the tftp procedured, was trying for quite some time, the trick is to release the reset button as soon as mention, just as the two arrows led lit up.

c7 back up :slight_smile:


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