Boot issue on unifi AP AC LR

Did you try to use DHCP to obtain a lease?

It is a yes or no question, not a suggestion.

Okay, I'm falling asleep.
Reboot it and get into OpenWrt again. then change nothing and reboot.

That will show if it is your changes. because if it let you in, it was loaded.

i set static ip and after reset a then bootm 0x9f070000 ap have static ip that i set

So, all done?

no, because after restart openwrt i must brake uboot and manualu start openwert using bootm 0x9f070000

can i set in uboot default boot ?

Okay, please reset, enter LuCI change nothing and just reboot.

I mean you are in. it makes no sense rebooting is hanging and the OP did not say they ever got into OpenWrt.

If it still hangs, shut it down/power off wait 3 minutes an try a cold boot.

this is weak because after a power failure i msut connect TTL and manually launch OpenWRT..

It is not a final solution, it is part of diagnosis.

And you do not know that.

i try change this parametr

ubntaddr=80200020 to


In uboot run printenv to see the environment settings. In particular look at bootcmd. It appears that something in the ubooot env is not correct. I don't have this model to see what the settings should be though. If there is a log on the device's OpenWrt wiki page that might be useful.

is posible to delete wrong enviroment settings ?

You could probably setenv bootcmd=bootm 0x9f070000 then saveenv to change enough to resolve this problem. I don't think there is a reset to defaults compiled into most uboots. If the env data partition gets erased it will be repopulated with defaults.

Have you read the page, yet?

It, specifically, tells you what to do if u-boot messed up and did not make an appropriate size partition.

And did you try getting back into OpenWrt and doing nothing but a reboot; or is that still too weak an ask?

it works like that, but I never want to have devices that have to be connected to the console after a power outage, so the operation is checked by restarting

That is so weird.

It will open OpenWrt, if you do nothing but navigate to reboot, it reboots but if you change anything it fails.
I was hoping an untouched reboot would cement something.

i think flash memory is dead

May be, but the router boots from the flash, so corrupted/dead would be even weirder given how flash memory works. Every read erases the data and has to be rewritten.

If the controller recognizes too many read/writes it tries younger areas.
If it did not recognize the error, that space would be tried but never be read again. It would fail.

bootm boots from memory, it doesn't do anything with the flash.

His words but same process. If any memory is dead it cannot be read after the failed rewrite.

You know: except for hard drives.
And I'm not sure about layered 3d hard drives.

:spiral_notepad:And actually, that would be even stranger because RAM has more robust controllers to account for more R/Ws.

ap repair, i have a dump mtd from works ap ac lr next install openwrt and boot from memory, next write all mtd from working unifi, and the end install software using tfp unifi recovery

thansk all for help

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