Boot failure - Teltonika RUT240

Trying to build OpenWRT 21.0.2 for the Teletonika RUT240 as per the commits here:

System compiles and spits out a factory/sysupgrade file. However the system won't boot, all lights come on and stay solid, and I don't seem to get serial access (as far as I can tell, haven't taken it apart just yet).

Would it likely be an issue with the kernel or the rootfs?

Original thread is here: Getting RUT240 to work

Looks like the commits were for 19.07

Shouldn't be that hard to port over to 21+, should it?

Hm, there's test builds in that thread, might be worth seeing if you can get one of those to boot.

I read there's big changes between 19.07 and 21.02, something switch related change from swconfig to dsa as far as I recall:

Might be other stuff too.

The test build posted by Lochnair does boot, but as you mentioned, is OpenWRT 19. I'm hoping to bring up a newer firmware.

Thanks for the link, I'll have a read and see if it helps at all.

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It occurred to me last night that I've been running make distclean between builds, without updating the feeds again. That probably isn't helping with booting 21.xx.