Bonding two wifi interfaces (2.4 + 5.8) in STA mode, anyone success?

I have a couple of APs around my home that act as repeaters.

They connect to an AP further up the line in WDS mode.

For fun I tried yesterday bonding both their 2.4 and 5.8ghz interfaces.

Generally, it worked out fine. Since I was just testing I did most of the commands by hand but essentially I did the following on the client end:

  1. Connect each band to the parent AP, but set the network parameter to 'wifi0' and 'wifi1' so that the adapter does not get bridged with br-lan. This part I left up to /etc/config/wireless.

  2. Create bond0 interface using ip command and set it to round robin via the sysfs interface.

  3. ifconfig down phy0-sta0 / phy1-sta0.

  4. Add phy0-sta0 and phy1-sta0 to bond0 using ip command.

  5. Add bond0 to br-lan using brctl command.

At this point everything worked. I could see traffic coming in and out of each interface with one major exception:

Loads of missed icmp echo requests and between 20-40mbits throughput. Just generally very slow and unstable. Not a range issue btw the 5.8g band from the same location does about 250-300mbits when used not in the bond.

I also noticed that in ip a the wireless interfaces would show "NO-CARRIER" on and off again.

I also noticed in /proc/net/bonding/bond0, Link Failure Count would increment non stop for each of the interfaces at a fairly slow but steady rate. Equal for both interfaces.

Any ideas if this is at all possible?


Nice idea. Both links (2.4 and 5.8ghz) are WDS client right ?
I was thinking about bonding ETH and WDS when I find a while.

Yes both were in WDS mode.

I tried again yesterday. Same result.

Generally speaking it works... Just poor performance. I tried changing a bunch of the settings of both the wireless interfaces as well as the bond0 interface but same result.

I can hit about 30-40mbit sort of stable in bond mode.

Without the bond the same location does about 200mbit on the 5ghz band.

Hey! Just trying the same, have you found the best solution? I tried "luci-proto-bonding" package but wifi device is just restarting as soon as it connect to AP. It is in WDS mode.