Board for 5G NR Radio

Hello all,

I am considering building a router to connect to the local 5G network. For that I would need a board, and a 5G module, and of course they should work with OpenWRT (or Linux in general).

I am thinking of getting a SIMCOM SIM8200EA-M2. This is a Qualcom X55 based module which is supported by Linux.

I would also need a board though, and my usual goto board for this only supports MiniPCIe, whereas the 5G modules is an M2 module (in fact, all the modules I found were M2 form factor).

Any good suggestions for a system board with an M2 slot, a Ge port, preferably POE powered? I don't need any WiFI on it.


I am also interested in build my own 5G NR router, what i find so far for the board is a MTK MT7621 board accepting M2 PCIe with gigabit lan from UniElec Store on aliexpress.

I don't know if it is a good board and if it can handle correctly the module but it runs openWRT by default for 45$.

Very interessted in what you've find so far :slight_smile:

qualcomm IPQ4019 with 5G M.2 slot

hello, i know there is a manufacturer named waveshare, they design a 5G dongle dev board which use SIM8200 EA-M2 moudule, I bought one and it works well under windows and ubuntu,
here is the link:,
but when i tried to compiler the qmi-wwan-simcom( simcom's special linux driver ) for openwrt ,it didn't work well

I've actually ordered the waveshare + SIMCOM modem kit. Should arrive next year. I will first try it out together with a stock Linux on a Raspberry Pi.

So I have now received the kit.
First impressions: The kit is not as good as I first thought. The position of the SIM card is such that you need to disassemble everything to replace the sim. I think I will have to buy a sim extender.

I tried first with the stock qmi-wwan and libqmi in the latest Raspberry OS, and this did appear to work, but speeds were disappointing. I am getting a sim from a different provider, and a different enclosure so I can use it with a PCEngines box. Then I will try out OpenWRT and maybe also IPFire.

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