BME280 reading

I am trying to read clone of BME280 sensor.
I am using 8devices Rambutan dev board and modified mach file.

Using i2cdetect I can see the device with 0x76 adress.
Also,since bmp280 module does not auto load modprobing it does not output anything but I can see the module running.

Since clone uses 0x76 adress instead of 0x60 I patched the driver with patch.

But I cant seem to find where can I read the sensor value in OpenWRT.
I looked at /sys/bus/iio/devices but it is empty

Any help would be great

Got it working.
Now I gotta figure out how to autoload the kernel module

Mind to tell us how you got it working or what the problem was?

Yeah sure.
Problem was that I patched BME280 I2C adress in the driver to the correct one and it refused to work that way.
In the end I simply needed to I2C_BOARD_INFO("bme280", 0x76) instead of patching the adress.
Even with adress patched and device registered with the same adress driver was complaining about wrong adress.

Now it works after modprobing,but I cant figure out why is it not autoloaded on boot.