Bluetooth tethering: Is it possible on an 8MB device?

Hello to everyone! First post here

So I got an old D-Link router (DIR-645)
According to it's specs, it has 8MB of flash storage and 64MB of RAM

I installed the precompiled version of openWRT on it easily.
At first boot I noticed that only 2.8MB of flash was free.

I want to tether mobile internet from my phone to this router via bluetooth
I know that the speed is going to be slow but I don't mind.
For my use case it's more that enough (connection to a Linksys voip ata)
Plus lower latency, plus lower battery drainage for my phone

I tried to follow this guide OpenWrt's guide for bluetooth tethering but when I tried to install the 2nd package (bluez-daemon) I got an error.

I noticed that the free space of the flash was depleted

It was then that I noticed that although the package size was 528.1kb, the required space for all it's dependent packages (32 of them) is 3.4MB!

That exceeds the total free space of the router itself..

What are my options now?
Should I go into the trouble and try to compile an absolute minimum firmware that is as small as possible? For example I don't even need the wifi functionality. Or ipv6 either. I just want it to pass my cell phone's internet to the lan ports through bluetooth.

Is it worth it? Will it work?

No one can tell, until you try it. Compression algorithms have variable compression ratios depending on what you throw at it.

But, bluetooth is large - and 8 MB flash is not, don't disregard the option of a hardware replacement.

Why not use USB tethering instead? That router has a USB port and usb tethering packages are tiny, and USB tethering is better than bluetooth tethering in any way, also the phone will be recharged by the USB port.

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