Bluetooth streaming

I am trying to stream music from OpenWrt to bluetooth speaker. Any ideas how to do this?
I tried: Pulseaudio: variant avahi/bluez . Thanks to this i am connected to the speaker, but i dont know how to stream music.

Theoretically the music plays, but propably on antoher interface because i hear nothing.

Any chance to merge bluez-alsa to OpenWrt repo?

OpenWrt 18.06.1 | Raspberry Pi Zero W (Brcm2708)

If you're using bluez-alsa it'll create a device just like any other sound card which you can output audio to.
mpd is your best bet if you want to be "lazy" along with a client. I've been using it with ffmpeg4 (in my repo) just fine without a boatload of external libraries.

It would be merged until someone decides to be a maintainer (which doesn't seem to matter much in the end) but that's the decision of the package repo group.

What that's mean that it depends to @LINUX_4_14? It is possible to compile this on 4.9?

Given that, as I understand it, the next release of OpenWrt will be on the 4.14 kernel for most, if not all, devices, if you were to try to merge and build the patches yourself, I'd work from master or at least a "known-good" point on master. (Unless your device is already on 4.14 in 18.06.)

There are quite a bit of changes in 4.14 regarding Bluetooth and that's the only kernel version I can verify works so you may remove it but you're on your own. :slight_smile:

I have installed this package in repository but i can't select it. I tried it with Stintel 4.14 kernel. Can you help me with compiling this on brcm2708.

To make package visible is needed to set CONFIG BUILD PATENTED=y. Because bluez-alsa depends on fdk-aac which needs it.

Yes, that is correct.


Sorry for upping this old post.

Were you able to send audio successfully using bluetooth?

Yes, it worked fine but I haven't tried (or used) it recently so the package probably needs updating but otherwise it should be fine.

Thank you, but I'm noob to compile packages.


I opened a post with my case

If anyone can help I'll appreciate that

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