Bluetooth stack for OpenWrt- communication interface UART


I am using linkit7688 module with openwrt. We have used TI's Bluetooth chip cc2564 connected to Linkit7688 through UART interface. Is there any bluetooth stack available for implementing the bluetooth communication.
Is it possible to build bluez stack( for openwrt?
Please help.

Aneesh K R

opkg list | grep bluez
bluez-daemon - 5.49-1 - Bluetooth daemon
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When I try to install "bluez-daemon", using the command - "opkg install bluez-daemon"
It shows an error - "Unknown package 'bluez-daemon"


is there any other way to get HCI uart c code stack for openwrt?

ubus call system board


That looks like MediaTek’s SDK, which, while based on OpenWrt, isn’t OpenWrt. You’ll either need to work with their outdated and unsupported SDK, or upgrade to current OpenWrt.


Thank you.

But in Openwrt releases(18.06), there is only mt7622 and 7623.
What about for 7688?

Does your device page say to check the mediatek folder?

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The "mediatek" target is only for ARMv7/ ARMv8 SOCs, while mt7688 is mips based, so you're looking for ramips instead.

Thanks a lot...

I have upgraded to Openwrt version (18.06.4). and installed the bluez-daemon.
How to use this daemon?

'hciconfig' shows nothing. please help

have a read