Bluetooth problem


I have an usb-bluetooth dongle connected to my GL-AR300M.

When I run "hciconfig" I get:

hci0: Type: Primary Bus: USB
BD Address: 00:15:83:15:A3:10 ACL MTU: 339:8 SCO MTU: 128:2
RX bytes:1575 acl:9 sco:0 events:65 errors:0
TX bytes:639 acl:10 sco:0 commands:47 errors:0

However when I run "bluetoothctl" and then "show" I get "No default controller available".

Has anybody an idea how I can get my bluetooth to work?

Many thanks!

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Hi, I'm having the same problem with GL-X750, I'm able to activate/deactivate the Bluetooth dongle but hciconfig scan and almost every command show no output.

Bluetoothctl doesn't work neither.

Did you have any news about this issue?